Unboxing Show–“Reading Outside the Box”

Hey friends!!

Unboxing shows are still pretty big on YouTube, so I wanted to plug mine really quick, and maybe talk a little bit about my process.  First off, an unboxing show is a great way to try and interact with your patrons a bit more and show a new face to the library.  So the premise of my show is that I booktalk brand new books that we just got at the library, but the twist is that I know NOTHING about the books.

I kinda improvise a little bit, trying to throw in some jokes and self-deprecating humor here and there to make it more funny.  I found that talking about three books maximum is more than enough (sometimes I will go into another box off screen to get a better selection,) when filming I often talk about each single book at least twice, so I can get the best take.  Picking out nonfiction or advice books seem to work the best, because I often purposefully bumble the instructions.

The main thing I would suggest if you’re making a similar show is EDITING.  Make sure to edit out all the dead air and fumbling around, people at this point are used to a higher quality video.  People will be forgiving, but something that looks rushed won’t get shared or liked.  iMovie is really good for editing and adding captions, but there’s a lot of software out there that would work just as well.

I upload a new episode every few weeks, so make sure to check here every once and awhile!

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