The Lego Librarian

Lego Club Challenge–STEM Circus

Circus fun!!  I came up with this idea completely out of the blue.  I was trying to think of simple machines in real life, and somehow thought about the circus too.  It’s kinda just an easily accessible way to teach some science!!

So after we went over rules, I told my kiddos that we would be making a circus, and we would need different acts and exhibits to make it a GREAT circus.  So I came up with 6 ideas that kids could pick from–each incorporated a classic circus act, and a simple machine or STEM concept to go with it.

You can download a copy of my idea cards here for FREE!  The cards were designed to get creativity going and learn some scientific concepts.  Like the “Acrobat” Card talks about fulcrums, and the “Rope Walker” Card talks about balance.  BUT if kids wanted to make their own circus act that was fine too.

Unfortunately, this one didn’t really work the best for me.  I had a low turnout at first, so I gave a really loose interpretation of my lesson plan.  So my few kids just ran with the “circus” aspect of the plan.  Then more kiddos showed up, but by then everyone was kinda doing their own thing.  I still had some kiddos do some of my challenges, so it was a success.  It just didn’t happen they way I envisioned it, and that’s okay 🙂