Here's a marketing tip I stumbled upon a long time ago, always add "and more!" If you don't have an idea 100% formulated but you just need to get it out, "and more!" is your best friend. You should always deliver on the things you promise in your copy or write-ups, but "and more!" gives... Continue Reading →

Highly recommend this one right off the bat. I thought my kiddos might have some problems with it, but nearly everyone got into the theme and went in directions I didn't see coming. That's really the best part--being surprised but what your kiddos can achieve. So after rules, I told them that the theme was... Continue Reading →

I am in a REALLY amazing position at my library, where I get to teach a quick lesson before doing a monthly storytime for my village's 1st and 2nd graders. Today I wanted to share my lesson on comparing and contrasting. Being able to compare and contrast is a very important skill. It's the first... Continue Reading →

Branding is important for your library, and if you have an interesting looking building, it can easily become part of your branding. Feel if you know what the building looks like and can recognize it, you're more likely to return to it. So coloring sheets! Kids always need them, and don't you want your library... Continue Reading →

If you're reading this and are a children's librarian, then you're a celebrity. Really. Unless you live in a big city, you are the most recognizable person to kids in your area. I mean, who else is there? You might be thinking, "what about teachers?" Nope, teachers are definitely recognizable, but your kiddos see them... Continue Reading →

I usually have trouble with finding good readaloud books that work in large groups for holidays. They usually tend to be really slow and wordy. Which is why I love "Frankenstein Doesn't Wear Earmuffs" by John Loren, it's now one of my go-to books for Halloween--it's quick and the pictures are large and gorgeous. Feel... Continue Reading →

So excited to finally write about this that I can finally break apart what I built. Seriously. This tower has been on my desk for over two years now. Don't know why I kept putting this one off--just taking photos, writing, and creating thumbnails can take awhile, so...guess it was just easier to have... Continue Reading →

Mike Boldt always has a great humorous touch to all of his books, and "Find Fergus" is no exception. In this book, Fergus the bear tries to hide from the viewer, only he's really bad at it. Based on the suggestions of the narrator, he tries to find a better hiding spot on the next... Continue Reading →

Think this is going to be a good one that kids will enjoy. Was thinking about the Goldilocks house (like we all do) and thought about that the bears must have three of everything, right?? Not just beds, bowls, and chairs. Three of every object imaginable. So, that's what we are building today. So after... Continue Reading →

People have often asked if I have ever done a Lego Club just for adults. Never have, but this might be a PERFECT challenge for them. I thought of this idea while I was shoveling snow this week. I slipped and fell on some ice last year, so was thinking of bad things to step... Continue Reading →

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