Here's a marketing tip I stumbled upon a long time ago, always add "and more!" If you don't have an idea 100% formulated but you just need to get it out, "and more!" is your best friend. You should always deliver on the things you promise in your copy or write-ups, but "and more!" gives... Continue Reading →

If you're reading this and are a children's librarian, then you're a celebrity. Really. Unless you live in a big city, you are the most recognizable person to kids in your area. I mean, who else is there? You might be thinking, "what about teachers?" Nope, teachers are definitely recognizable, but your kiddos see them... Continue Reading →

I heard about impact stories in passing while attending ALA Annual in July 2022. Since then, I feel it can be a game changer to how you not only handle story time, but also marketing, outreach, and just how you see yourself in the library. Think of impact stories as just a positive survey, or... Continue Reading →

I'm back! Really looking forward to blogging again here and there. Took some time off to focus on Newbery, plus there wasn't a whole lot of programming happening over the pandemic. But looking forward to thinking of some new ideas, and passing the savings on to you! In the meantime, I'm reblogging a interview I... Continue Reading →

I've never taken a creative design course, but I've learned one thing from creating years worth of signage for different libraries: no one wants to read your sign.  It's probably too small, or too long, or placed in the wrong location, or has a bad font, or bad colors.  If it's not eye-catching, you basically... Continue Reading →

If you're interested in memes in marketing, I talk more about my process in a few other posts: Memes and Messaging–Using Your Celebrity to Market Library Programs Memes and Messaging–A Way to Make Rules Fun! Library Etiquette and Memes in Marketing When I post on our Facebook page, I try to keep it as engaging as possible.  Just... Continue Reading →

Don't be like Philip!  This was one of the first photo projects that we ever undertook.  After seeing a seminar by Ben Bizzle, I really got inspired by trying to branch out with a little bit of "meme marketing"--the idea here being that if you advertise your product in a funny way, you'll engage more... Continue Reading →

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