Just for Fun–Library Memes I Made

If you’re interested in memes in marketing, I talk more about my process in a few other posts:

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When I post on our Facebook page, I try to keep it as engaging as possible.  Just putting your information out there isn’t enough, since you’re competing with so many other businesses and people.  Photos and memes are a great way to grab people’s attention and ensure that your audience just doesn’t scroll past your information.  I try to make every post I do as engaging as possible, so I wanted to share some of the funniest ways I’ve done that.

Recently, I started a new series of memes making fun of myself while promoting our performers.  They were super-popular:

Here’s two I made for our Pete the Cat Storytime:

Pete Missing.JPG
Pete Washing Shoes.JPG

Here’s some I made for various holiday closings:

Library Closed-Easter
Library Meme--4th of July
Facebook Post--New Years

We also close on Sundays during the summer, so here’s one to inform everyone about that.  Something like this is a great way to convey important information in a way that people will ACTUALLY see it:

Library Closed.jpg

Here’s one I made to get people interested in our recent opening in the circ department:

Hiring at the Library.jpg

And this is a series I did to promote the extra hour we now have on Saturdays:

Extra Hour 1
Facebook Post--Extra Time

And here’s one I made for storytime:

Storytime Meme.jpg

Here’s my newest entries:

Library Meme--Valentine
Library Meme--Game of Tomes

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    1. Good question! I simply use Microsoft Publisher. There might be better software out there, but that’s just what I’m familiar with. The “hamburger bumpers” on the top and bottom are WordArt, which can be font in the “Insert” tab. I highly recommend using the WordArt function since you don’t have to fiddle around with sizing, and you can increase the font outline however you want!!
      When I’m done, I save it as a jpg, and then just crop out all the extra white space. Hope that helps–let me know if you have other questions!!


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