So we've been struggling with an idea for the 2018 SRP theme of "Libraries Rock."  I came up with a really simple idea.  Our tweens and teens will be reshooting famous album covers around the library. To get kids inspired, I'll be printing out a bunch of pre-approved album covers the kids can recreate, my... Continue Reading →

This is a great one to do in stations, since every station can be a different class.  This one is almost guaranteed to give you a good turnout, because who doesn't like Harry Potter??  (If you don't, keep it to yourself.  Librarians are practically forced to like Harry Potter I've found out.  I was shamed... Continue Reading →

So I got this idea while subbing for Miss Gloria's craft program.  She's been doing a really cool art program for kids, each meeting revolves around a famous artist, and the kiddos imitate that artist's work in their style.  This time around was pointillism and Georges Seurat.  Gloria's idea was that kids would make first... Continue Reading →

Last year, we fortunate enough to have Dav Pilkey come to our city to promote the first "Dog Man" book.  Normally we have our author events at the library, but this was so big that we had to host it at the high school auditorium.  It was pretty crazy and the biggest event I ever... Continue Reading →

Emoji Day lands right on July 17th, so it's a perfect summer reading program event.  Not really sure why emojis need their own day, but it's a great way to get tweens and teens into the library.  We did a lot of pretty simple crafts that kids loved; some I took off Pinterest and I'll... Continue Reading →

Library Escape Rooms are really big right now, so I tried to design this program so that any library can try to duplicate it.  Because making something like this is kinda daunting--where do you even start?  From what I've read, starting at the end is the best way to do it. UPDATE: Holy cats!  I... Continue Reading →

Our Star Wars parties always drew a HUGE crowd, so it's a great way to bring people into the library.  Miss Gloria and I planned one for the past two years.  They're fun but can be a lot of work...and can get out of hand.  Learn from our mistakes and our triumphs, young Padawan. Our... Continue Reading →

Everyone wants to be a spy, so Miss Gloria and I did a program a few years back where are kids could learn how to become a secret agent.  It was a lot of fun and pretty low cost. We started by having the kids line up outside the Community Room (our activity room) and... Continue Reading →

So this is a summer program we've been hosting for 4 years now.  I'm extra proud of this one because it's the first program I came up with that I didn't first steal from Pinterest 🙂 I've always saved this one for the week of 4th of July--the idea being I don't put too much... Continue Reading →

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