Tween Programming–Emoji Party

Emoji Day lands right on July 17th, so it’s a perfect summer reading program event.  Not really sure why emojis need their own day, but it’s a great way to get tweens and teens into the library.  We did a lot of pretty simple crafts that kids loved; some I took off Pinterest and I’ll try to give credit for them, and some I came up with to fill some time.

Emoji Coasters

This one is really simple to do.  Get a box of bathroom tiles; I got a big box for about $10 and they have lasted me for years.  I’ve used them for comic book coasters a few years ago, so you can definitely use extra tiles again.  Cut out your design, making sure that you leave a little white border.  That way, your paper won’t snag and tear off your tile.  Then it’s time to use some modern podge.

Emoji Coaster.JPG

When mod podging, I put a small even layer down first, lay down my paper and smooth it out without ripping it, then immediately add a small even layer right on top.  Keep an eye on it and try to get rid of any bubbles that form on your paper.  Use a clean brush or else you’ll get little dirt specs that are hard to get rid of.  After that dries, put on at least one more layer.


When you’re done, put on a tile sealer, since mod podge and water don’t like each other.  The sealer I got was fairly cheap; it’s water resistant, not waterproof.  The better your tile sealer is, the more poisonous it becomes, so you’re actually better off cheaping out.

Emoji Magnets

Simple enough.  I drew a design and painted it (be responsible and don’t use whiteout like I did) then I just cut it out with my hole punch.  You can also just print out some emojis if that’s easier.  But kids will definitely want to make a few!!  Got the idea from Surznick Common Room.

Emoji Magnet

Emoji Fortune Teller

I whipped this up really quick in Microsoft Publisher.  It’s suppose to work like a Magic 8 Ball; ask it a question and throw it to see what it says.  I used 11 x 17 paper, so each square would be 3.5 x 3.5 inches, but you could probably shrink it easy enough.

Emoji Fortune Teller.jpg

Emoji Book Title Quiz

Really proud of this one.  Stole the idea from a Buzzfeed article, but came up with my own book titles.  It’s good for the kids that finish up everything early so they have something else they can be working on.  NO ONE will know all of these but that’s okay, the idea is to just give kids something extra to do if they’re bored.  You can download this with the answer key here.  Here’s the first page:

Emoji Book Title

The answers for the first page are:

1) Cat in the Hat Comes Back
2) Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs
3) Polar Express
4) Call of the Wild
5) Unicorn Thinks He’s Pretty Great
6) Don’t Let the Pigeon Drive the Bus!
7) Dragons Love Tacos
8) Secret Pizza Party

Emoji Book Title 2.jpg

Answers for Page 2:

1) If You Give a Mouse a Cookie
2) Number the Stars
3) Bad Kitty
4) Magic Tree House
5) Diary of a Wimpy Kid
6) Go Dog Go
7) How to Train Your Dragon
8) Island of the Blue Dolphins

Emoji Cookie Decorating Contest


This was 100% Miss Gloria’s idea, and it worked out really well.  We wanted to add some sort of food element, but not spend a bunch of money on big sugar cookies.  This worked out just as fine.  She bought a couple tubes of frosting and we had the kids go to town.  Sugar goes great with more sugar.   We tried to make it a “contest” so that kids wouldn’t eat their cookies right away.  That part didn’t really work out, but it at least no one ate theirs immediately.

So that’s it!!  Overall it went great!!  We set up about 6 big tables and they were all packed.  Some tables finished projects faster than others, so we ended up just going from table to table and walking them through projects, which actually worked out better.



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