Lego Challenge–The Longest Road

This one was kind of a repeat of a Lego challenge I came up with last year.  Last time we made a huge obstacle course for our cars, and it was a lot of fun.  This one was really similar, in that kids had to make a car, but they also had to build a section of a road.  They could build it however they wanted, it just had to have a start and a finish.  At the end of the hour, we put all of them together and raced on it!

Lego Road 1.JPG

Putting them altogether in the end was kind of the trickiest part.  I would recommend not doing that right at the last minute, since I had some kids make some modifications to their road sections to make the track smoother.

Lego Road 4.JPG

Most of my kids just made straight tracks, which is great, but I was hoping for a little bit more variety.  Maybe next time, we can brainstorm a little bit about making some turns or bumps.  I had one kid make a fork in the road with a dead end and that was pretty cool.

Lego Road 3.JPG

Usually when we share and interact with other people’s Lego pieces, I remind everyone about the “Godzilla Rule.”  The Godzilla Rule basically means that when you’re playing with someone else’s piece, you can’t go and just break it.  Accidents happen, but we can’t purposely smash someone’s stuff.  For whatever reason, I didn’t bring up the rule this time, thinking my kids would remember.  Most of them were fine, but some of them were not and were breaking things on purpose.  It turned out okay in the end, but talk to your kids ahead of time to avoid destruction and tears.

Lego Road 5.JPG

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