So this one was a little out there, even for me.  But I really do like to challenge my kids, and I liked the idea of making multiple pieces that created one big story at the end. So after we talked about rules, I told my kiddos that our theme today would be "Mad Libs." ... Continue Reading →

I based this one off a paper bag challenge I saw on the Pinterests, but I put a little spin on it.  So after we went over rules, I told the kiddos that today would be a "free build" and they could build anything they wanted.  BUT they had to spend the first 5 minutes... Continue Reading →

This one was kind of a repeat of a Lego challenge I came up with last year.  Last time we made a huge obstacle course for our cars, and it was a lot of fun.  This one was really similar, in that kids had to make a car, but they also had to build a... Continue Reading →

This one turned out pretty interesting.  After setup and rules, I introduced our theme as "Secret Zoo."  It's kind of a twist on a Lego Challenge I did a few months ago called "Scavenger Hunt."  So the idea here was that kids were going to build a zoo exhibit.  They needed to have an animal... Continue Reading →

Go Lego Go!!  This one is a favorite for my kiddos because it's definitely not something you do everyday.  After I explained the rules of Lego Club, I told them the day's challenge.  They first had to build a car, plane, boat, carplane, boatcar, or any other combination.  But they had to work into their... Continue Reading →

This was another really simple concept that kids liked!!  After we went over rules, I told our kids that our theme was: secrets!  We didn't really brainstorm as a group, but I told them some of my ideas.  They could build a house with secret doors or secret passages or a secret jail.  Or they could build... Continue Reading →

This one was a BIG hit at Lego Club!!  After we quickly went over rules, I told everyone that the theme would be cars...but that was too easy.  So we had to build one car and at least one obstacle for their car.  We quickly talked about what an obstacle is and brainstormed really quick about... Continue Reading →

After only two years of use, the playhouse in our children's library finally broke.  The door had fallen off the hinges, making it look more like a playshack than a playhouse. We didn't want to spend money on something that was just going to break again in a few years, so we weren't sure how... Continue Reading →

Ah April Fools' Day.  A terrible holiday for terrible people 🙂 But this year, I actually celebrated it by tricking my Lego kids!!  After we went over rules of Lego Club, they were told they could build ANYTHING they want for 20 minutes.  After that, they would get an April Fools' Challenge Card, which meant... Continue Reading →

So I'm lucky enough that we're able to put all of our Lego creations into a display case once we're done.  I highly recommend finding a display case if you don't have one.  Kids love the idea that EVERYONE will see their creation.  And kids that don't know about the program can stop by, see... Continue Reading →

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