Lego Challenge–Car Obstacle Course

This one was a BIG hit at Lego Club!!  After we quickly went over rules, I told everyone that the theme would be cars…but that was too easy.  So we had to build one car and at least one obstacle for their car.  We quickly talked about what an obstacle is and brainstormed really quick about what we could create.  Most kids said ramps, but we soon starting getting into flamethrowers and pirates!  YEAH!


So it could really be anything, as long as a car could either go through it or over it.  It may help to say there has to be at least one place to enter and one place to exit the obstacle.  But if they ignore that rule, it’s okay.  Cars somehow will be able to FLY around any obstacle 🙂

I then told kids that at the end, we would line up our obstacles and we would be able to run through all of them!!


Some kids had a harder time with this one than usual.  Thinking of what obstacle to make and then actually putting it together was difficult for some.  This was also one of the few meetings were a good chunk of kids didn’t feel like they were done when time was called.  But everyone came up with something–even if it was just a tunnel, it’s still fun to go through!!


We usually share what we built really quick, but we ran out of time, so I had kids arrange their obstacles on a few additional tables I set up.  When setting them up, I tried to put them all in a straight line the best I could.  They all don’t have to connect perfectly, kids will find a way to get back on course with their cars if one obstacle swerves off course.

When we were set up, I had them sit back down to explain the rules.  I told them that they could go through the obstacles, but to try to be gentle since we worked hard on building them.  I also reminded them that some of them might break and that’s okay, but we weren’t going to purposely go full-on Godzilla on our obstacles.  The kids seemed to understand, and they LOVED going through everyone’s obstacles.  I spent that time quickly fixing any that got broken.  SO MUCH FUN!!  Definitely doing this one again.


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  1. Just wanted to let you know I used this idea for my own “Lego Club” with my nephews. Thanks for sharing all of this with the world. They loved it and we’re gonna do this again.


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