Lego Challenge–The Blindfold Challenge

I based this one off a paper bag challenge I saw on the Pinterests, but I put a little spin on it.  So after we went over rules, I told the kiddos that today would be a “free build” and they could build anything they wanted.  BUT they had to spend the first 5 minutes building blindfolded!!

Lego Blindfold 3.jpg

After that 5 minutes was up, the idea was not to take apart what you build, but add to it (like the “Disaster Island” challenge) to make it into whatever you wanted.  After that explanation, I went around and handed out my blindfolds that I made with an old sheet.  Most of the kids wanted to do it, but some opted out and that’s fine.  When they were doing the challenge, I asked them to stay seated and have blocks within range so that no accidents happened.

Lego Blindfold 1.jpg

5 minutes seemed to be the max time that anyone wanted to wear the blindfold, so that’s what I would shoot for if you wanted to do this one.  After they took off their blindfold, I took a photo of what they built, so that they we could do kind of a “Before” and “After” discussion when we shared.

Lego Blindfold 2

I noticed that whenever we do a free build, kids often get done REALLY early and get bored, so we wrapped up the building portion earlier than usual.  But the sharing was a bit more in-depth so we ended up getting done at the same time anyway.

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