Lego Challenge–Disaster Island

I got the idea for this one from “Oregon Trail.”  Only this time, there’s no dysentery 🙂

After we go over the rules of Lego Club, I started talking about the theme.  The idea is that kids get to build their own deserted island for about 20 minutes.  And they can build it however they want.

Then after 20 minutes they pull a Disaster Card:

Lego Club--Disaster Cards.jpgI have a Publisher file at Teachers Pay Teachers for free if you want to use these cards.

Whatever disaster they pull will happen to their island, so they need to find a way to fix it.  The idea is to NOT destroy what they already built, but add to their island to solve their problem!!  No one HAD to pick a disaster, but nearly every kid did, regardless of age.

Here’s some examples:

unnamed (3)

This island needed food, so they build some bushes and vegetables.  Yum yum.

unnamed (5)

This island was going to sink, so they built a ladder to get to higher ground.  Nice!


A hurricane was going to hit this island, so they put a roof on their house.  And a siren to warn everyone.

Overall it worked out pretty well.  Kids finished fixing their disasters faster than I thought.  So they just kept picking extra disasters, which is fine.  Some of them kinda turned into hot messes, but they had a great time telling the group all the disasters they had to fix.

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