Lego Challenge–Prison Break

This one I was inspired from an idea I found on Educating Young Engineers, which is a great resource to use!

The idea is that a mini-figurine is trapped in a prison cell, which is just a REALLY big container:


I made up some Wanted posters and hung them around my room to make it more fun:
Publication2It’s up to the kids to design something to get him out.  It can be either practical or imaginary.  I was worried I would get 30 different kids making stairs, so after we went over the rules of Lego Club, we brainstormed some quick ideas. And they were off!!  I knew some kids would want to make elevators, so as an added bonus I allowed my kids to use string:

unnamed (13).jpg

Kids used it to make elevator cords, cranes, or just tie up prison guards.  It was a great new dynamic to add!!  During our sharing time, we even tested some of our devices to see if we could actually escape from the box!!

Here’s some of my favorite creations.  We have a crane, a zip line, a catapult, and a grappling hook:


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