Lego Challenge–Rebuilding Fairytales: The Rapunzel Challenge

So excited to finally write about this one…so that I can finally break apart what I built. Seriously. This tower has been on my desk for over two years now. Don’t know why I kept putting this one off–just taking photos, writing, and creating thumbnails can take awhile, so…guess it was just easier to have it occupy space on my desk until then 🙂

So anyway, Rapunzel is kind of a weird story. She grows her hair out so the prince can climb up the tower and save her. But she seemingly had the means to save herself the whole time, right? Couldn’t she have climbed her own hair down?? This challenge builds on that by building ways for Rapunzel to escape by herself.

So after going over rules, I explained to my kiddos that they would be building TWO things–a tower to get trapped in, and a way to get out of it.

This is a little bit like the “Prison Break” challenge (my first challenge ever!) I did almost six years ago. But instead of finding a way to escape up, we’re thinking of a way to escape down. I came up with four different ways for my Rapunzel to escape. I made a zipline to zip across, a pool to jump into, a container of tires to bounce off of, and a rock wall to climb down. There’s also scaffolding, trampolines, elevators, or vehicles that your kiddos can build to help them out.

For this one, I wouldn’t give TOO many examples of what kids can make to help escape. Feel like this one is easy enough that once they understand the basic concept, kiddos will just go off in ways that you never thought of. Giving too many examples can sometimes stifle that creativity.

I originally did this one virtually, but was finally able to do it in-person. Here’s a couple builds that my kiddos came up with:

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