Laugh Out Loud Stories–“Frankenstein Doesn’t Wear Earmuffs” Activity

I usually have trouble with finding good readaloud books that work in large groups for holidays. They usually tend to be really slow and wordy. Which is why I love “Frankenstein Doesn’t Wear Earmuffs” by John Loren, it’s now one of my go-to books for Halloween–it’s quick and the pictures are large and gorgeous. Feel it’s also relatable–living in the Midwest, think a lot of parents and kids can relate to the kid that has to wear a winter coat to go Trick-or-Treating. You can also add some interactive elements to this book by making everyone roar like a monster, but making your roar more and more muffled and your monster walk more stilted as you put on more layers of clothes.

The concept of this book is that the kid Trick-or-Treating doesn’t want to wear a coat or have a flashlight with his costume, and wants to just be the character. So for this coloring sheet, kids can make there own costume or dress up their Frankenstein how ever they want! I put mine in a jacket and some bright reflective pants, but you could put yours in something silly like a tutu! Happy Halloween!

You can download my file here:

Thanks to writer and artist John Loren for allowing this resource to be distributed for FREE to teachers and librarians.  Permission was given by artist John Loren via email on 11/24/2022.

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