Lego Challenge–Reach New Heights!

For this at-home challenge, I combined one of my first challenges (Lego Challenge–Prison Break) and one of my latest challenges (Lego Challenge–Minifig Adventure Photos.)  In the Prison Break challenge, kids had to come up with a way, real or imaginary, to escape a large box.  This has the same feel, but this kinda opens up the possibilities of what’s possible.

Lego Heights 1

So all kids have to do is find a way for their Lego minifigs to reach up to something in their house.  It can be a kitchen counter, a table, a couch, whatever.  And it can be in any direction.  So they can not only go up, but down and across.

Lego Heights 2

So they can build things like stairs, elevators, slides, catapults, ziplines–anything they can build!!  I like how this one builds on the Adventure Photos challenge we did a few weeks ago.  It’s still about your toys exploring the real world, but now there’s an actual building component to it.

Lego Heights 3

Just like for the “Minifig Adventure Photos,” I explained this new challenge in a quick video I posted on my library’s Facebook page, and showed them the examples I came up with.  At the end, I asked my kiddos to take a photo of their piece, and attach it to the the “Comments” section of that video.  Lots of fun!

Lego Heights 4

Here’s a video of me explaining the challenge to my kiddos, if that helps:

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