Lego Club Challenge–Monster Mix-Up

I often combine old ideas and make them into fresh new ones.  It’s just a great way to still be creative when you haven’t had any big new ideas in awhile.  So for this one I combined my Monster Maker Lego Club Challenge with my popular Disaster Island Lego Challenge.  So we made monsters based off of suggestions we pulled!

There was very little prep for this one, I just came up with a bunch of wacky suggestions.  You can download a copy of what I came up with here.   Then I just cut them out–easy!!

Monster Mix-Up 2.JPG

So after we went over rules, I told my kiddos that we would be building monsters, but most of the body parts would be based on my suggestions.  If they just wanted to make their own monsters that’s fine, or if they didn’t like what they pulled and wanted to put it back, that was fine too.

Lego Monster Mix Up 4.jpg

So after my explanation I went around with 3 buckets, one for “Heads,” one for “Arms” and one for “Legs.”  They had to pull one head from the bucket, and then two arms and two legs for their monster.

Monster Mix-Up.jpg

This one went pretty good.  The older kids liked it a lot but the younger kids weren’t able to get into it as much as some of my other challenges, so the difficulty scale on this one was a bit harder than some of my other challenges.

Monster Mix-Up 3.jpg

That’s it!!  Would be great for Halloween!!

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