Laugh Out Loud Stories–“Eat Pete” Puppet

I started a new story time this fall called “Laugh Out Loud Stories.”  It’s basically a storytime where I tell my favorite funny stories and class visit books.  This week we’re doing “Eat Pete!” by Michael Rex.  It’s a great one for call and response (all the kids can yell out “Eat Pete!”) and to add some interactive elements, like pretending to knock over the blocks like in the book.  We ended the session by making Monster Puppets!

Eat Pete Photo.jpg

You can download a copy of my worksheet for free here.  All the instructions are on there, you might have to help parents and kids with the folding.  Just fold the two mouth parts back, then create one last fold in the mouth to make the mouth move up and down.

Michael Rex GIF - Find & Share on GIPHY

What I like about it as that it’s basically just one piece, and there’s not a lot of extra things to cut out or glue.  Have fun!!  Special thanks to Michael Rex for writing such a great book and approving the distribution of my puppet to teachers and librarians.

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