Lego Club Challenge–Weightless Building

This is another one that might be kinda out there, but I’m really excited about this one.  I came up with this idea while researching a “Space Camp” I did over the summer.  Wonder Kids Activity Blog came up with an activity where kids tried to use tools underwater, since astronauts train underwater as it mimics the low gravity of space.  I thought it would be a great idea to try and actually build in this environment!!

Water Lego 2

It’s a little bit like when we built upside down, this just adds a whole new element to your building experience.  All you need is a bunch of small tubs and a bunch of the small baseplates.  I filled each bucket up about halfway and then dumped a couple cups of Legos into each one.  I figured if it was too crowded in the tub, it would be too hard to build.

Water Lego 1

After we went over rules and talked about astronauts for a bit, I told my kids they could build whatever they wanted, BUT they had to build it all in the tub!

UPDATE: Still haven’t done this one officially yet.  Waiting for it to warm up outside so we can do it outside since it involves a lot of water.  Can’t wait to try this one, so I’ll update you when it’s finally done!!

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