Lego Challenge–Upside Down Legos!

This one was a lot of fun!!  Kids kept talking about how they’ve never done this before, so it really was a great challenge for them.

The inspiration for this one came from my 5th grade art class.  We had to draw on the bottom of our desk in a similar way to Michelangelo painting the Sistine Chapel.  So for my event, I set up the room with my 6 tables as usual and taped up about 3 of the big baseplates per table.  Two big pieces of duct tape did the job, though I went around and checked during the event to make sure no one was falling down.  I didn’t set up any chairs like I usually do, since I knew that someone would get kicked in the face!  I knew that kids would get suspicious if there were no chairs up, so to keep it a surprise I kept the room locked right until it was time to go.

Upside Down Legos 1.JPG

It was really hard to keep their attention since they knew something was up, so we went through rules of Lego Club really quick, and then I let everyone know that today was going to be a free build.  They could build anything they wanted to, they just had to build it UPSIDE DOWN!

Upside Down Legos 2.JPG

Lego Club is usually a really calm program , but this one did get a little crazy.  Normally when I set up tables, the parents are right next to them.  But parents weren’t super eager to go underneath a table, so kids were left to their own devices.  Most kids did fine, but a few of the older kids got really off task and had to be separated.

Upside Down Legos 3.JPG

Also I ran out of my big baseplates, so I had to give my late kiddos the small baseplates.  Usually that’s not a big deal, but this time they weren’t as fun to play with, since half the plate is already has tape on it.  So make sure you have a lot of the big plates if you plan on doing this one.

But that being said, most kids LOVED this one, so I highly recommend it!

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  1. This is so awesome! We’re having a special Lego Build tomorrow and the kids don’t know what they’re in for . . .


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