Lego Club Challenge–Castle Siege

This one was a lot of fun!!  I saw a few posts about making Lego catapults, but I definitely wanted to put my own spin on it.  So after we went over rules, I told my kiddos that they would be building one wall and one catapult.  At the end of the hour, we would take our catapults around to every wall built and try to launch our projectiles over the walls.


After kids started building, I went around and showed each table how I built my simple catapult.  Basically just build something long and skinny and put some wheels on the end and it should do the job.  I reminded my kiddos then to make their walls as tall as possible to try and block the shots.

Lego Castle Siege 1

This one is great for kiddos of all ages, since building a wall is fairly simple.  About 40 minutes in, I gave out my foil projectiles to everyone to start testing their catapult.  Foil seemed to work really well, since it flew far and wasn’t a danger to anyone.  I thought handing them out towards the end worked out well too, since handing them out too early would be too big of a distraction.

Lego Castle Siege 2

After clean up, we went around and tried to launch over everyone’s wall.  Some of the older kiddos made holes in their walls on purpose to make something fun to aim for.  And a few other kids kinda made goal posts on their wall, so you could make this like a football challenge during fall.  Anyway, everyone had a lot of fun shooting their catapults.  It was AMAZING!!

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  1. Love this Lego Challenge…my tweens enjoyed launching the aluminum balls over the walls.. even when they did not succeed I allowed them to “redo” their shot…going to be doing this again.


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