Lego Club Challenge–Monster Creations

I thought this one would be great for Halloween!!  It was a good concept, but my kiddos seemed to have more of a problem with this one than normal–so here’s what I learned.

After going over rules, I told my kiddos that we would making monsters for Halloween.  BUT we would only be making HALF a monster.  Kids would be either assigned “Left Side” or “Right Side,” then at the end of the hour we would go around and mash up our monsters, Frankenstein-style!!!

Lego Club Monster 1

At first I thought we would divide up between “Tops” and “Bottoms,” but then I realized it would be kinda boring to be assigned just monster legs.  So I thought this way would be more creative.  I tried to illustrate this concept of just making 1/2 of a monster with a picture–I drew one 1/2 of a monster and a library assistant drew the other 1/2, not knowing what my half looked like.  They got the concept, but still didn’t really know what to do.  So I went around and went to my tables and showed everyone one of my kiddo’s board, since he got it right away.  So I highly recommend having some examples ready to go.

Lego Club Monster 2

About half of the kiddos were able to complete the challenge, and that’s okay 🙂  This club meeting skewed a bit younger than usual, so given the crowd I now think this one was a bit too hard, especially without a good example right off the bat.  At the end of the hour, we tried to share our monsters and combine them in crazy ways.  It was a lot of fun!!!

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