Lego Challenge–April Fools’ Day

This year, I actually celebrated April Fool’s Day by “tricking” my Lego kids!!  After we went over rules of Lego Club, they were told they could build ANYTHING they want for 20 minutes.  After that, they would get an April Fools’ Challenge Card, which meant they would have to COMPLETELY change their piece to whatever the card said.

Lego Club--Switcheroo

The idea here is similar to Lego Challenge–Disaster Island that we did earlier.  You don’t want to destroy your piece and start over, but simply add or change your piece to fit the new challenge.  PROBLEM SOLVING HURRAH!!!!  As always kids didn’t have to do the challenge if they didn’t want to.  And kids got to switch their challenge cards if they didn’t like what they pulled.  Here’s how they turned out!

Here’s a kid that made a pirate scene:


BUT he had to make it into a CAR:


Turned out really cool!!  Here’s a kid that made a battle scene:


But he pulled the “Add to Your Piece to Make It as Tall as Possible” Card:


But this was my favorite.  This kid started out with a shark:


And he kept pulling cards until he got the “Turn Your Piece into a Haunted House” card.  He finally had an idea and build a scary aquarium.  IT’S AN ASCARIUM!!  BOOM!


Most kids loved it, I only had one kid that didn’t want to change his piece, and that’s okay.  I think this one really challenged some of my kids.  There’s nothing wrong with just building a car, but it’s great to get my kids to start thinking about solving problems with creativity.  Try it out and let me know if it worked for your Lego Club.  Funny story: the kid that pulled the “Only Add and Build Things that Start with the First Letter of Your Name” card ended up being named Xavier.  Wah wahhh.  He created a xylophone…and that was about it.

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