So I'm lucky enough that we're able to put all of our Lego creations into a display case once we're done.  I highly recommend finding a display case if you don't have one.  Kids love the idea that EVERYONE will see their creation.  And kids that don't know about the program can stop by, see... Continue Reading →

Believe it or not, I got the idea for this one from "Oregon Trail."  Only this time, there's no dysentery 🙂 After we went over the rules of Lego Club, I started talking about the theme.  I told my kiddos that they would be building their own deserted island for about 20 minutes.  And they... Continue Reading →

This one I was inspired from an idea I found on Educating Young Engineers, which is a great resource to use! The idea is that a mini-figurine is trapped in a prison cell, which is just a REALLY big container: I made up some Wanted posters and hung them around my room to make it more... Continue Reading →

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