Lego Challenge–Bridge Attack

So I’m lucky enough that we’re able to put all of our Lego creations into a display case once we’re done.  I highly recommend finding a display case if you don’t have one.  Kids love the idea that EVERYONE will see their creation.  And kids that don’t know about the program can stop by, see what we do, and hopefully come next time.  Also some kids HATE destroying what they build, so that fixes that problem.

Anyway, we weren’t able to display our Legos this week in our normal spot.  So to fix that problem I decided that we were going to wreck our creations on PURPOSE!  So after we went over rules, I asked my kiddos were asked to build a bridge for 30 minutes, then we would go around and try to destroy them with cans of tuna!!  I don’t have a set of weights, so I used tuna cans because they are cheap, lightweight but heavy in bulk, and most importantly, easy to stack!!

So to get kids excited, I made this diagram of their enemy, the tuna:

Did I mention I have a weird sense of humor??

They could build the bridge any way they wanted to, the only rules were you could only have TWO supports on the bottom, and those supports had to be about a foot apart (otherwise your bridge would be too strong.)  I went around to my tables to make sure that everyone got the idea and made sure everyone was following the rules.  I also told kids that they don’t HAVE to have their bridge broken, but they will get broken down soonish (didn’t say when to avoid tears) so let’s just break them now.  By the end everyone wanted to break theirs, so that wasn’t a problem.

Then it was time to share bridges and test them.  I bought 16 cans of tuna, thinking that would definitely break most of them.  But only about 5 out of 25 bridges broke!!  But the kids LOVED it when they broke.  I would recommend testing them in a safe spot where kids can’t get hurt, like the center of a table.  Kids love seeing everything tumble down, so don’t stop the disaster from happening, but make sure everyone’s at a safe distance but can still see.

Here are some of my bridges that passed the Tuna Attack!!

unnamed (1)

unnamed (5)


And here’s some that didn’t:

unnamed (2)

unnamed (3)

Everyone definitely had a great time!  Now if you’ll excuse me…I have to go make tuna salad sandwiches for the next 3 months.

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