Lego Club Challenge–Secret Zoo

This one turned out pretty interesting.  After setup and rules, I introduced our theme as “Secret Zoo.”  It’s kind of a twist on a Lego Challenge I did a few months ago called “Scavenger Hunt.”  So the idea here was that kids were going to build a zoo exhibit.  They needed to have an animal (real or pretend), some sort of cage for them, and food for your animal to eat.


BUT the twist is that they don’t tell anyone what animal you’re making.  So at the end of the hour, each exhibit would get a pencil and a piece of paper.  Then during our sharing time, we would go around the room and GUESS what the animal is, based on what you built!


Kids did pretty good with this one, although some definitely needed parental help.  The biggest problem is that some kids used the animals that were already in the Lego buckets, like the horse.  That was okay for my group (my group was 35 kids this time!) but if you’re expecting a small group, you might want to remove these ahead of time.  Just so that kids use their imagination a bit more.


Kids that didn’t follow the theme still got to participate, and we still had fun guessing what their piece was suppose to be.


So here’s some of my favorite ones.

This one stumped a few people.  It looks like an owl, but it’s actually a monkey.  You can tell by the bananas on the tree.


A parent made this AWESOME flamingo!


This one stumped me but it’s obvious now.  Nice tiger!


And a very creative elephant.


But this one stumped everyone.  People guessed whale, turtle, walrus, and Loch Ness monster.  It was actually a mudfish.


Overall it went pretty well. It’s a nice twist on a standard Lego challenge you might have done already.

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  1. Using this idea today in our Lego Club. We started a Lego Club a few weeks ago at a Ukrainian refugee center in Poland. See lots of great stuff on your site that will save me alot of work!


    1. Best comment I ever received. Thank you for your message and for your service. Feel that play can be such a great way to heal, so thank you for providing that for these kids. Message me if you would like or need extra Legos for free–I have a couple sources.


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