Lego Challenge–The Balancing Act Challenge

Highly recommend this one right off the bat. I thought my kiddos might have some problems with it, but nearly everyone got into the theme and went in directions I didn’t see coming. That’s really the best part–being surprised but what your kiddos can achieve.

So after rules, I told them that the theme was going to be about balancing. I feel I got this idea from our “Mirror World/Symmetry” build we did a few weeks ago. So it was mainly a free build and they could build anything they wanted. BUT there had to be some sort of balancing element to it. So some examples would be scales, a balance beam, a tight rope, a seesaw. Also mentioned you could build a whole building, like an inverted pyramid, and have that balance on just one point. I had a kiddo take that in an interesting direction with this ice cream cone:

About a 1/4 of the way through the program I went and showed every table the way I build my scale, which is just an axle piece with two 1×2 Technic bricks supporting it so it can move freely.

Feel that was a good way to do it–not show them the example RIGHT away. Sometimes, if you explain what you built right away, they try to copy it; that’s fine, but I want to see what they can do, you know? So by showing my example 1/4 of the way through the event, kids either ignored me or modified what they were already working on.

So really simple, since the little kiddos can make something simple, but the older kiddos can really run with it. I had a son and father work on a complicated balancing tower you can see here in the back:

Simple idea with some great ideas. Here’s a few more of their builds. This one has a boat that balances and a guy balancing on a surfboard, which I thought was a great idea:

Let me know how yours works out!

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