Kids Programming–Toy Sleepover

Toy sleepovers are a really fun and cheap program to have at the library.  Libraries have been doing them for a while now, but if you’re like me (and I know I am), you’re starting to run out of ideas (we’re up to our sixth sleepover at this point.)  So I thought I would share some of my best photos I’ve done so far and break down a little bit how we do our program.

UPDATE: I’ve recently done a short movie based on one of the photos that you can see here:

Chewing Book.jpg

Coloring Books.jpg

When we do pictures, we usually try to get at least one photo of each toy by themselves doing something unique, and then a few groups shots.  That way each kid gets at least two photos.  We print them out quickly on computer paper, cut them out, and hand them out to the kids when they come back that afternoon.  I post all of our photos then on our Facebook page, so that everyone can see everyone’s photos.  And it promotes our page!

Copy Machine.jpg


Use what you have lying around and try to pose them the best you can.  Shred old materials you were going to throw out anyway.  The crazier they are, the more fun kids will have.

Race Cars.jpg


Don’t be afraid to go too far or to make too big of a mess.  The messier or sillier it is, the more kids will love it.  And make sure you post everything to your Facebook page.  You’re sure to get a lot of likes.


Breaking Bank.jpg









Fire Extinguisher.jpg

Hope that gave you some ideas.  Let me know what you want to steal, or give me some of your ideas!!

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