Passive Programming–Library Map + Activity Sheet = FUN!

I got this idea while viewing the Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial Library in DC this year. In their children’s library, they had a map handouts of their children’s library that doubled as not only a coloring sheet but a look-and-find page. Perfect!

Mine was really easy to make. All I did was scan our floor plan, put it into a Publisher document, and basically just drew over the floor plan by making boxes, shapes, and lines wherever I needed to. Really easy.

Our children’s library goes into our regular library, so there’s no good way to make a map without adding parts that kids won’t necessarily care about. So I tried to make it funny, like putting weird stuff in our workroom (yay roller coasters) and labeling the adult and YA collection as “boring.”

Think there are so many applications for this! You can make yours into a coloring sheet and look-and-find like I did. Or you can try to turn it into an interactive scavenger/treasure hunt with steps and instructions, feel that would be pretty easy. Or you can try to make your map into a maze, your shelving might be perfect for that depending on your setup. Or you can take a more serious approach and ask some critical thinking questions in each section: what kind of books will you find here? Is this your favorite part of the library? It would also make a great handout if you do library tours, and you could have kids color certain sections different colors. Go nuts! Again thanks to Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial Library for the idea!

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