Lego Challenge–The “Watch Your Step” Challenge

People have often asked if I have ever done a Lego Club just for adults. Never have, but this might be a PERFECT challenge for them. I thought of this idea while I was shoveling snow this week. I slipped and fell on some ice last year, so was thinking of bad things to step on. Of course that got me thinking about Legos.

Everyone knows that there is NOTHING worse than stepping on a Lego; there have even been articles about it. So for this challenge, we are making the most PAINFUL Legos imaginable.

Again, I think this challenge might work best with adults or teens. I think kids can handle it, BUT I would be worried about parent reactions for this one. I feel that some parents might worry that this might put ideas in their head. So if you do this with kids, please explain that this challenge is just for fun, and should NEVER be done to hurt someone in real life.

So after going over rules, I would have your participants look for pieces with lots of corners, hooks, or angles. I think making a “funny” example would help make this challenge seem a little more lighthearted. Like my example with the fire and teeth coming out of it looks worse than it actually would be. So if you’re worried about pushback or angry comments, you might want to push your participants more in that direction.

You might also want to open up the challenge to interpretation by changing it to “Things You Wouldn’t Want To Step In.” This way kids can make things lava, mud, gum, oil–things like that. But if you go this way, make sure you explain it still has to be “library appropriate”–don’t want people stepping in…well you know 🙂

Planning on testing this one out on one of my smaller groups, just to see what the reaction is. I’ll get back to you–but if you do it before me, let me know how it goes!!

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3 thoughts on “Lego Challenge–The “Watch Your Step” Challenge

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  1. Hello! You are such an inspiration! I love all your ideas. I was just reading this one and thinking an adaptation could be a Would you rather. We could play a couple rounds of would you rather and then the builders could make two things based on their would you rather choices. That would be engaging to share with all the kids at the kids around the library. Thanks for sharing all your great ideas! Happy building! PS I’m very sorry you’re already needing to shovel snow. I live in Colorado so I also know the challenges of snow! ❄️☃️

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    1. Great idea. Trying to think of a way to make this lighthearted, and this might be a good workaround. I think I’m going to add this to the write-up! I’ll credit you of course. THANKS!!


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