Lego Club Challenge–Size Matters

This is the first time that I changed the theme AFTER the challenge was already over.  After we did rules, I explained that the theme was “Giant Monsters,” so kids would make a giant version of a monster, animal, or pet to destroy buildings.  Kids were happy with that idea, but they didn’t seem as into as usual, it didn’t seem like that unique of a challenge.  We did get some really cool designs out if it though, like a giant ant fighting a T-Rex!

Giant Ant vs. T-Rex.JPG

So looking back, what the theme should have been was “Size Matters,” the idea here being that kids should turn something that’s normally big into something small, and something that’s normally small into something big.  So you can make a giant spider, or make a small skyscraper!

Penguin Size.jpg

That way you can still make a giant monster, but there’s this extra component to the challenge now, if you want to get creative.  I’m going to sit on this one, and see what the re-do looks like later.

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