Kids Programming–The Amazing Space Race: A City-Wide Scavenger Hunt (SRP 2019 “Universe of Stories”)

So I thought up this idea a few weeks ago.  A library assistant suggested that we have a library mascot over the summer and hide it around the library or around town and we take pictures of it.  I think most libraries do something like this on Facebook, and it’s a great way to engage with patrons.  I liked that idea, but came up with a better way to fit it into the summer reading theme of “Universe of Stories” and also just make it even more engaging.

So since the theme is “Universe of Stories” I convince my director to buy a inflatable astronaut suit.  Inflatable suits are always hilarious, and are definitely eye-catching.  And I figured we could use it for school visits, story times, or just hanging out in the library.

Library Astronaut

So what we will be doing is, every Friday morning over summer, we will post a picture to our social media of the astronaut somewhere in our village.  The park, a local business, something easily recognizable.  Once it’s up, patrons have a set amount of time (2 hours for us) to get to that location.  Once they are there, they have to try and find the astronaut’s backpack.

Library Astronaut 2

The backpack will be someplace relatively hidden in that location, just to make it a bit more fun.  Here you can see it “hidden” next to the jungle gym I was playing on.  A staff member will be next to it to help with the next part, and to make sure that no one walks off with it.  Once the patrons find the backpack they can open it up with the staff member’s assistance.

What’s inside the backpack will change every week!  One week will be a craft, one week it will be stickers, one week it will be photo booth props for selfies.  Things like that!  We plan on putting more than enough supplies in there for everyone, so it’s not really a race.  It’s more of a way to go on an outdoor scavenger hunt and engage with us in a nontraditional format!

Her’s an example of a post I’ll be doing.  Each week’s location will have three picture clues posted on Friday of something pretty easily recognizable from that location.

Amazing Space Race Example.jpg

We start our first one next week, so I’ll post soon and let you know how it goes.

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  1. Or, have people replicate the astronaut’s pose at the correct spot and post their picture on your media page/Instagram with a certain hashtag. Everyone who posts the correct picture gets entered into a prize drawing. That way you don’t have to have staff hang out away from the library during the busy summer season.


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