Lego Club Challenge–Ramps and Slides

This was a big hit at Lego Club!  After quickly going over rules, I told my kids about the Global Cardboard Challenge, where kids are encouraged to make anything they want out of cardboard.  At the time my wife was doing the challenge at her library, so I thought I would try to incorporate into Lego Club.  So we would be partaking in the challenge in a way by adding cardboard ramps and slides to our creations today.  And at the end of the hour, we would test everyone’s ramps!!

Ramp 3

What my kiddos needed to do is they needed to make at least one car and one structure that a piece of cardboard could fit on.  This one definitely took some prep, since I had to pre-cut a bunch of different shapes and sizes.  I made a few really long ones if kids wanted to work as a team, and some really small ones for the kids that needed something easy.

Ramp 2

Once we started, I went around to each table and showed them the easy example I made, and they quickly got it after that.  Once kids got started, I walked around and offered to tape their slides to their creation to make them a bit more sturdy.

Ramp 4.JPG

Everyone seemed to finish in time, though parental help was needed for some kiddos.  After we cleaned up I told everyone that we would begin testing our slides.  BUT I made sure everyone knew not to be rough with everyone’s creations.  Accidents would happen, but someone worked really hard on this ramp and we weren’t going to go full Godzilla on them.

Ramp 5.JPG

They understood and we spent the next 10 minutes testing everyone’s ramps.  Only a few broke, but it wasn’t a big deal.  Taping things down definitely helped avoid catastrophes.

Ramp 1.JPG

I set up my example towards the end of the hour.  The top of my ramp was taped to a table and my structure was somewhere at the bottom to make a super ramp.  I purposely did it at the end, so that kids would use their imagination a bit more and not just copy what I did.

Ramp 6.JPG

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