Lego Challenge–Ice Cubes and Slides

As you probably know by now, I like to do challenges that we can all test at the end of the hour.  Like when we got to test each other’s pinball machines, scavenger hunts, mini golf courses, or slides.  This one was GREAT for sharing too, and a really simple twist off of a the slide challenge we did.  I got the concept for this one off of the “Future Ready Librarians” Facebook group so thanks to Katie Hessling Kowalewski for sharing.

Iced Minifigs.JPG

After rules, I told kids that we would be making slides again BUT with an added twist.  At the end of the hour, everyone would get a minifig trapped in ice, and we could take turns sliding down everyone’s slides.  We originally did this around the Winter Olympics so we talked about “luging,” but really you could do this at anytime.

Slide 1.JPG

The prep work for this one really easy.  Take all the minifigs out of your bins and freeze them in ice cube trays.  Boom.  After kids started building for a bit, I went around with a sample ice cube and put it down their slide, asking them about height or the angle, or recommending guard rails or things like that.  Obviously, don’t give your kiddos the iced minifigs right away because they’ll melt.

Slide 2.JPG

That’s about it, at the end of the hour, I gave each kid an iced minifig, and we got to test everyone’s slide.  But before we did that we went over the “Godzilla Rule,” which means you can’t purposely smash something that someone else built.  Accidents happen and that’s okay, but we can’t break things that aren’t ours on purpose.  I also instructed kids  to walk, since their might be ice on the ground and we don’t want to slip.  Kids had a lot of fun, only question I got asked was if they could eat their ice cubes.  Huh…didn’t think that would be an issue 🙂

Slide 3.JPG

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