Lego Challenge–Pinball Machine

This one turned out pretty good!  I like doing interactive challenges where kiddos can go around and test out what other kids built, like for our mini golf course challenge or our hike-and-seek challenge.  So I based this off of a few photos I found online where people made pinball machines COMPLETELY out of Legos.  I loved the idea but I knew I would have to make it a little easier for my littler kiddos.

Lego Pinball 2.JPG

So after we went over rules, I told each kid that they would be getting a marble, two popsicle sticks, and a small book stand.  I then told my kiddos that we would be making pinball machines!!  The popsicle sticks would be our paddles, and our book stand would give the game the slant it needs.  I gave a quick demonstration of the one I made, pointing out that I tried to make the blocks slope out to avoid marbles getting stuck in your game.  After instructions, I went around to my tables, and just showed my kiddos and parents where I made slots for my paddles and angled my bricks to avoid marble stuckage.

Lego Pinball 6

Everyone had a great time and seemed to made a working game.  I handed out the marbles half-way through our build because I knew that they would be a distraction.

Lego Pinball 4.JPG

After clean up, we went around and tested everyone’s games.  I told everyone about the “Godzilla Rule,” which means we don’t purposefully go around and smash something that someone spend a lot of time building.  Accidents will happen and things will break but we can’t be smashy smashy on something that isn’t ours.  Kids have always respected this rule, so I’ve never run into any problems.  BUT it’s good to remind them.

Lego Pinball 5.JPG

One thing I did notice is that controlling two paddles was too hard for some younger kids, so I just told them to use one to make it easier.

Lego Pinball 1.JPG

That’s it!  I did something NEW and tested out some of our pinball machines and made a video of it HERE:

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