Lego Club Challenge–Rebuild Your Town

This one would be really easy to replicate if you’re looking for ideas!!  After sitting everyone down and talking about our rules, I told everyone that our theme was “Rebuilding our Town.”  I asked the kids for some of the buildings they recognized around town.  After that, I told that each out of our 6 tables would be assigned one of the buildings around town to rebuild and/or improve on.

Lego City--Fire Station.jpg

I picked the fire station, police station, city hall, the library (easily the best building), the mall, and the high school.  So they could work solo or work in groups to rebuild what they were assigned.  Or they could just build something completely different if they weren’t feeling it.

Lego City--Library

I also explained that it was okay if you didn’t get something cool like the police station.  So if you got stuck with the library, you didn’t have to complain about it because:

1.) Ouch!
2.) You could rebuild it however you wanted.  So if you wanted the library to have a moat or a guard tower, that was okay!!

Lego City--High School.jpg

To prep for this, I made up a sheet of about four or five pictures of each building or something cool inside of it.  There weren’t a lot of great pictures online of all the buildings I wanted, so I was able to go off-site and take some of my own pictures both inside and out each building.  If you ask nicely enough, most people will be surprisingly okay with this.

Lego City--Police Station.jpg

One of the best things about this project, is the posting it on social media.  Like I posted a picture of our police station and linked it to our police department’s Facebook page, so that they (and ALL of their followers) could see the awesome building that we made and all the improvements they designed, like the mayor getting to ride a race car to work.  It’s just an amazing way to cross promote and try to expand your audience.

Lego City--City Hall.jpg

That’s it!  Kids seemed to like this one and pretty easy to prep.

Lego City--Mall.jpg

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