Kids Programming–Ugly Sweater Competition

So this is a art project I came up with for our “Santa Bruce Storytime,” which we had during the holiday season.  I liked that our “Pete the Cat Storytime” wasn’t JUST crafts, it was experiences like the “Walk with Pete” trail, and a community art section where kids could paint with shoes.  So with that in mind, I designed another community art section where kids could design ugly holiday sweaters for the kids department, and then we would have to wear them for a day!!

Ugly Sweater Library 1.jpg

All I bought was two Goodwill turtlenecks, everything else we already had–markers, puffy paint, glitter glue, and washable paint.  I added some cardboard in the body and the sleeves to give it more stability and make it easier to paint and draw on.  When one side was full, we flipped it over and had them do the other side.  Putting a cheap plastic tablecloth down will obviously save your tables, but also make it easier to pull off than newspaper.

Ugly Sweater Library 2.JPG

Kids really seemed to love it, but I could see this being a great teen program as well.  You could get one for each teen and have them design their own or design one for a friend.


I recently did this at my new library, and it’s still a big hit.  I had a white sweatshirt out for every full-time staff member, and the kids (especially older kids) loved doodling on them.  I just made it a little simpler this time around, by only having out permanent markers–no paints, glitter, anything like that.  This is STILL a must-do program for any holiday celebration.

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