Laugh Out Loud Stories–“Tiny T. Rex” Finger Puppet

After reading “Tiny T. Rex and the Impossible Hug” by Jonathan Stutzman,  everyone got to make baby T-Rex Finger puppets!  Kids can color their dinosaur however they want, then put their fingers through the holes, and practice giving T-Rex hugs!!

Tiny T-Rex Puppet 2

You can download a copy HERE for FREE.  For my storytime, I printed these on card stock to make them more durable.  You can get four dinosaurs per sheet, though I blew up the one in the picture so my sausage fingers would fit through 🙂  I also pre-cut all the holes since it’s kind of a pain to make parents do it with the safety scissors.  I feel this would also be a good craft to add for a T-Rex Tea Party

Tiny T-Rex Puppet 1

Thanks to artist book artist Jay Fleck for allowing this resource to be distributed for FREE to teachers and librarians.  

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